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PhD objectives


The three-year PhD curriculum in Development Economics is the highest educational programme of the overall curriculum in development economics offered at the University of Florence. Besides the PhD programme, the development curriculum includes a three-year BSc in Development Economics and International Cooperation and a two-year Master degree in Advanced Development Economics.Vietnamese children


The PhD aims at creating highly skilled development experts who are trained to: 

  • work in the field of development-related research and teaching, either in academic institutions or in public/private research centres;
  • carry out impact analyses of policy interventions and manage/evaluate programmes/projects of technical and financial assistance;
  • provide consulting services to national, international and non governmental organisations;
  • work in large firms or networks of small and medium enterprises, promoting an equitable and sustainable development through investments and technology transfers to developing countries.


In pursuing these objectives, the PhD programme provides the fundamental knowledge of analytical tools and methods in the fields of economics, econometrics, statistics and demography needed to carry out applied research and to take informed decisions on development issues. The PhD educational approach places a strong emphasis on economic issues, but encompasses also subjects related to political sciences, economic history, anthropology and sociology.


All lectures and seminars are tailored to encourage critical thinking as well as data analysis. A central role is also given to the application of these theoretical tools to real-life situations and problems occurring in less developed countries as well as within poor population strata in developed countries.

Home page - Overview - PhD objectives
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