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Giovanni Andrea Cornia


Giovanni Andrea Cornia

Professor of Development Economics


Subject taught in the PhD Programme: Causes of Inequality and Impact on Growth

Department of Economics, University of Florence

Via delle Pandette 9, 50127 Florence (Italy)

Building D6, Room 2.18


email: giovanniandrea.cornia @

ph. +39 055 4374599

fax: +39 055 4374905

For more information, please read below and visit personal WEBPAGE

Giovanni Andrea Cornia has been Professor at the University of Florence since 2000. Prior to this, he held the position of visiting professor in several Universities, including the University of Clermont, Ferrand, Pavia, Cambridge and the European University Institute (EUI). He also worked for the FIAT Centre of Economic Studies as well as for UNICEF, UNECE, CEPAL and UNCTAD. From 1995 to 1999 he was Director of WIDER, the UN centre for research on development issues, based in Helsinki. He edited 11 books concerning issues related to development and transitional economics, he contributed to books edited by others with 40 essays and he published over 60 articles in research journals or working papers. The focus of his research has been above all upon issues related to macroeconomics, distribution, poverty and the development of human resources in developing and transitional countries.  


Home page - People - Academic staff - Giovanni Andrea Cornia
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