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Articles and WP


List of articles and working papers recently published by PhD academic members


WP08/2012 Michele BINCI, Gianna GIANNELLI, Internal vs. International Migration: Impacts of Remittances on Child Well-Being in Vietnam  

WP04/2012  Giovanni Andrea CORNIA, Laura DEOTTI, Maria SASSI, Food Price Volatility over the Last Decade in Niger and Malawi: Extent, Sources and Impact on Child Malnutrition

WP03/2012 Giovanni Andrea CORNIA, Juan Carlos GOMEZ-SABAINI e Bruno MARTORANO,A New Fiscal Pact, Tax Policy Changes and Income Inequality

WP02/2012 Giovanni Andrea CORNIA, Inequality Trends and their Determinants: Latin America over 1990-2010 


Alessandro CIGNO, How to Deal with Covert Child Labor and Give Children an Effective Education, in a Poor Developing Country, THE WORLD BANK ECONOMIC REVIEW, Vol. 26, No. 1, pp. 61-77


Michele BINCI, The Benefits of Migration (February 2012) Economic Affairs, Vol. 32, Issue 1, pp. 4-9 


WP19/2011 Federico CIANI e Gianna GIANNELLI, Surviving the Genocide: the Impact of the Rwandan Genocide on Infant and Child Mortality

WP18/2011 Mario BIGGERI, Jean-Francois TRANI, Vincenzo MAURO, Child Poverty Measurement: the Case of Afghanistan

WP17/2011 Giorgia GIOVANNETTI, Marco SANFILIPPO, Margherita VELUCCHI, The "China effect" on EU Exports to OECD markets - A Focus on Italy


WP12/2011 Massimo ARMENISE, Giorgia GIOVANNETTI,  Gianluca SANTONI, Attracting FDI in Business Services to Improve Manufacturing Performance and Competitiveness: Evidence from the Italian Provinces


WP10/2011 Francesca FRANCAVILLA, Gianna C. GIANNELLI,  Does Family Planning Help The Employment of Women? The Case of India


WP 09/2011 Michele GORI, Vinicio GUIDI, Rhetoric and Conceptual Problems in Economics: the Case of General Equilibrium Theory


WP 07/2011 Nicola DONI, Giorgio RICCHIUTI, Market Equilibrium in the Presence of Green Consumers and Responsible Firms: a Comparative Statics Analysis 

Home page - Research - Articles and WP
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